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Passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification

Through EN ISO 12100: 2010/EN 60204-1:2006+AC:2010 standard, CE system certification

Utility model patent "double winding reel mechanism of film blowing machine" ZL 2017 2 1277023.2

Utility model patent "adjustable electromagnetic heating device of single screw extruder " ZL 2017 2 1277012.4

Utility model patent "spinning roller traction device of spinning machine" ZL 2018 2 0398492.8

Utility model patent "a feeding device of pipe extrusion" ZL 2018 2 0398668

Utility model patent "a kind of lab internal mixer with multistage cooling function" ZL 2017 2 1277021.3

Utility model patent "a kind of rubber material circulation conveying mechanism of lab open mixer" ZL 2017 2 1277891.0

Utility model patent "A kind of lab sheet extruder" ZL 2018 2 0398551.1

Utility model patent "a kind of glass fiber automatic guide device of twin screw extruder " ZL 2017 2 1277892.5

Utility model patent "A new type of single screw extruder" ZL 2017 2 1280252.x

Utility model patent "a kind of pressure automatic calibration adjusting device of lab hydraulic press" ZL 2017 2 1280251.5

Utility model patent "an extruder for 3D printing consumables" ZL 2018 2 0398667.5

Utility model patent "a kind of lab two roll mill with vibration receive material mode" ZL 2017 2 1280239.4

Utility model patent "a vacuum feeding equipment of injection molding machine" ZL 2017 2 1280238.x

Utility model patent "a kind of double screw extruder with automatic air cooling device" ZL 2017 2 1277013.9

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Computer software copyright " Intelligent Control System V1.0 of  Baopin lab hydraulic Press

Computer software Copyright "Automatic Control System V1.0 of Baopin cast film machine"

Computer software Copyright "Baopin Twin Screw Extruder Control System V1.0”

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