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  • Classification:Minitype injection
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  • Date of issue:2020-12-16 17:40:33
It is suitable for laboratory precision injection molding of various test specimens (such as tensile, impact splines, color cards). The machine is small in size and easy to operate, and can meet the processing needs of any high-precision micro-shaped products.
  • Product overview

一、Injection device

1、Screw diameter:22mm

2、Length diameter ratio:15:1

3、Screw rotation:0~165rpm

4、Electrothermal power:2.0KW

5、Temperature range:Normal temperature~300℃

6、Temperature controller:LED digital instrument, press key set input, the value indicate output.

7、Timer:LED digital display, 0.1S-99M-9.9H.

8、Theory of injection capacity:22cm³

9、Injection weight:17g

10、Plasticizing capacity:2.6g/s

11、Imjection rate:24g/s

12、Injection pressure:143Mpa

二、Clamping device

1、Clamping force:250KN

2、Move mould stroke:150mm

3、Rod spacing:(240×190mm W×H)

4、Maximum mold thickness:220mm

5、Minimum mold thickness:80mm

6、Ejection stroke:40mm

7、Ejection force:13KN

8、Ejection points:1PC

三、Other parts

1、Electric control system:PID / LED / RKC high-precision intelligent instrument control, digital instrument displays all injection parameters, such as temperature control, timing, drive, revolutions. Semi-automatic mode:Mold clamping - injection - premolding - die opening - ejection; Automatic mode: mold clamping-injection-premolding-mold opening-ejection-timing mold clamping.

2、Oil pump motor power:3KW

3、Oil pressure medium:Mobil 46 × anti-wear hydraulic oil

4、Fuel tank capacity:85L



7、Weight:About 650kg


1、Material:S136 alloy material

2、Accuracy:Precision type

3、Product shape:standard samples such as tensile, impact and bending.

4、Dimensional requirements:according to user requirements or standard sample cross-section dimensions




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