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Bao Pin tells you the features of the small mill

2020-01-15 10:00:14

Features of small mill: 1. The humanized Operation Height design, reduces the operator's labor intensity. 2. The perfect emergency parking device can ensure the safe use of personnel and equipment. 3. The equipment is installed on an integral base (including electronic control system) . The equipment is packaged as a whole, and is easy to transport and install. 4. Special Design of sealing structure to prevent leakage of lubricating oil. 5. The frame, gland and base of the small-sized open mixer all adopt welding structure, after annealing to remove the stress treatment, the appearance is beautiful and generous. 6. The design structure is concise and lively, the operation is convenient, does not need to install, the rubber opens the mixer to connect the electric wire, the pipeline can work. Kill. There are a variety of speed and speed ratio to choose, to meet the majority of users with different formulations, different process requirements. 8. Alloy Roller, wear-resistant, long life, continuous roller. 9. Gear reducer for hard surface grinding gear processing, long service life, low noise. The receiving tray is provided with a clearing device, which is convenient for cleaning. 10. Modular rocket has a variety of customer choice structures. Kill. Flexible Design System, in the shortest time to meet the special design requirements of customers. 12. Small-scale open mill is divided into heating type and cooling type.


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