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Which stages of the mixing process can be divided into

2020-01-15 10:05:57

Which stages can the mixing process be divided into? Open mixer mixing process is divided into roll, eat powder and refining three stages. The process is as follows: The raw rubber or plasticated rubber, masterbatch and so on are put into the two rolls of the mill along the side of the Da Ya wheel, the roller spacing is controlled at 34 mm, and the roller is rolled for 34 minutes to cover the front roller, forming a smooth and gap-free roller binder, at this point will take off all the glue, the roller distance to 1011 mm, and then put the Glue Bar Refining About 1 minute. According to the amount of the wrap roll gum cut off part of the residual gum, so that the wrap roll Gum to maintain a certain amount of accumulation of glue. Open mill and then according to the order of the material to add the mixture, the process of the mixture roll into the glue is the process of eating powder, when adding the filler should pay attention to let the powder naturally into the rubber and fully mixed, do not take the cutter too early, at the same time to gradually widen the roller spacing, so as to keep the amount of accumulated glue within an appropriate range, after all the powder to listen to eat, drop the remaining cut glue, from the central cutter to the two ends, and then slowly add the liquid softener, continue to roll for 4-5 minutes, after all of them are mixed, a roll is cut to reduce the stacking section, and the purpose of the reconditioning is to further homogenize the rubber compound. The reconditioning methods include the oblique knife method, the (eight knives method) bundling operation, the triangle packing method and the rubber stamping method, etc. , more effective is the eight knife method that along the axis of the roller parallel to the direction of 45 corners cut, about four times, refining 3-4 minutes, after refining, once again adjust the roll spacing to 4-5 mm, and then cut off method to add refining 2-3 times, next stop. The roller greenhouse is controlled at about 45 °C. The mixing process is complete.


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