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Suitable for extrusion of all kinds of general plastics such as PE, PP, PS, PC, pet, ABS, PVC, etc.This machine is equipped with the horizontal and vertical extruding casting cold roll can simulate single stretch film and sheet extrusion production process, etc. Can be used for thin film preparation and also can be used for thicker sheet.This machine is the best laboratory equipment of extruding forming film machine.
  • Product overview

一、Double- Screw Extruder

1、Screw diameter:Φ20

2、Length diameter ratio:1:40 Optional

3、Screw direction:Parallel and same direction

4、Screw:Spindle with 40 CrNiMoA chromium molybdenum alloy tool steel,  screw thread adopts W6Mo5CR4V2 wear-resisting alloy steel,  hardness is HRC60,with transportation, mixing, shearing, mixer,  kneading and reflux block, building block series components, can combine according to any material recipe, to meet the needs of different extrusion process.

5、Barrel:5 sections of cylinder adopt 38 CrMoAlA nitriding steel forgings,  liner wear-resistant alloy, hardness is HRC60, via nitriding,  conditioning and ultra fine grinding process,  the surface roughness Ra≤0.4μm,  wear-resisting and corrosion resistance.

6、Heating zone:5 cast aluminum heaters fixed at  barrel,1 heater at handpiece,  each section with 1 kw heating power,  security wind cowl overlied outside.

7、Cooling zone:Cylinder segment using soft water circulation cooling system, each segments of cooling water flow rate is adjustable,  equipped with self-priming pump, 304 stainless steel water storage tank , water pipe and the electromagnetic valve component,etc.  Can apply independent temperature control at each segments of cylinder.

8、Feeding device:Adopt screw feeding and vibration feeding methods.Feeding  speed from 0 to 50 RPM is frequency adjustable.  The connetion method between feeding device and host is sliding mode,  it’s convenient to clean up the screw. Feeding stably, difficult to bridge.

9、Reduction gearbox:High speed heavy hard teeth surface gear transmission,  gear reduction and torque distribution box is integration structure, internal transmission parts adopt imported bearing and oil seal,  oil splash lubrication.

二、Cast film die

1、Die shape:T hanger type

2、Die material:CrNiMoA alloy steel

3、Die hardness:HRC65

4、Adjust method of die lip:Upper lip manual-push flexible fine-tuning, lower die lip is overall structure.

三、Casting unit

1、Roller material:38CrMoAlA chromium-molybdenum steel , HRC60 chromium plating.

2、speed:0~15rpm frequency control

四、Loop unit

1、Conveying roller:Multi-row film conveying roller combination

2、Winding roller:Rubber and steel roller pneumatic clamping combination

3、Winding speed:0~15rpm frequency control

五、Electric control unit

1、Electronic control system:High-performance PLC programmable color LCD touch screen, multi-screen display of man-machine interface, control all process parameters, such as temperature, traction, loop, number of revolutions, drive, pneumatic, brake and other interlocking joint control functions.




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