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The material is placed in the casting mould and clamped between the electric-heating flat plates to apply pressure and temperature,make the material shaping,testing and serving as the basis for the ingredient of mass production. This machine is equipped with PLC program color touch screen controller. The man-machine interface operation system can set the pressure, temperature, time and exhaust times. The vulcanization process is displayed and monitored in real time, and the molding program is completed automatically. The machine structure is simple, intelligent and efficient.
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2、Temperature range:Normal temperature~300℃

3、Controller:PLC programmable color touch screen has human-machine interface. All the operating parameter can be set and controlled at will. Mould pressuring process and vulcanization curve can be displayed dynamically.

4、Heating type:Electro-thermal tube

5、Platen size:300×300×60mm

6、Pressure plate material:SKD chrome-molybdenum alloy, surface treated by carburizing, chrome plating, polishing and other processes, rockwell hardness up to 60HRC.

7、Working layers:It consists of two layers. The upper layer and the lower layer both have heating and cooling functions.

8、Cooling method:Tap water cooling, heating program completed then shift to cooling with full pressure (no open mould).

9、Sensor:0-15Mpa Specialty

10、Oil pressure system:The closed-loop control system of proportion hydraulic flow valve with the functions of automatic compensation and time delay stopping of the fuel tank, Double speed function, fast clamping slow.

11、mode-locked:low pressure with high close to the speed, high pressure with low approach speed, multiple exhaust times can be set to ensure that the template pressure reaches saturation.

12、Security protection:Self-locking the safe and visible door. All the operating instructions or actions of electronic control system will be cut off instantly when opening toughened glass door.


14、Power:3∮, AC380V, 20A, three-phase and five-line power supply





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