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Maintenance methods of four mills

2020-01-15 11:05:39

We are all familiar with the open mill, in the use of the correct operation and daily maintenance. During the operation and production of the mill, some parts and components are damaged by wear, corrosion, burning and deformation, which affects the accuracy, performance and production efficiency of the equipment, prolong the service life of equipment, but the equipment will wear and tear after all, this is the objective law. In addition to proper use and maintenance, it is necessary to replace, repair or improve worn parts and components, and arrange the necessary maintenance schedule to restore the accuracy and performance of the equipment, keep the certificate of the quality of the processed products and give full play to the efficiency of the equipment. 1. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: maintenance activities carried out in accordance with predetermined planning and technical conditions to prevent deterioration of equipment performance or to reduce the probability of equipment failure. According to the regular inspection record or running of the mill equipment, there are abnormal signs of the main product quality and production efficiency, preventive repair and improvement should be carried out before the equipment failure. 2, fault maintenance: Equipment failure or performance reduction to take unplanned maintenance, also known as after maintenance. 3, production maintenance: from the economic efficiency of the maintenance method to improve the production efficiency of equipment, it according to the impact of equipment on production. Non-essential equipment is maintained after the event, while key equipment is maintained preventively. 4. Predictive maintenance: based on the information provided by the condition monitoring and diagnosis technology, carry out necessary and appropriate maintenance, also called condition monitoring maintenance, before the failure occurs. These four maintenance plans must be combined with the operator. During the use of the equipment, they are made according to the discharge and abnormal operation of the equipment, because only the person closest to the equipment, to get a handle on all aspects of the mill equipment, unless the operator didn't take the equipment seriously at all. Carry out effective maintenance of open mill to extend service life.


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