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Classification, structure and function of each part of internal mixer

2020-01-15 11:10:03

Internal mixer is mainly used for rubber molding and mixing, but also for plastic, asphalt, linoleum, synthetic resin mixture. It is one of the main rubber mixing equipment in the rubber factory. Since the 1970s, the technology and equipment of rubber mixing have developed rapidly abroad, such as screw extruder instead of internal mixer and mixer, but it can not replace internal mixer. The mixing equipment in the new modern plant is still mainly internal mixer, and the mixing method is still two-stage mixing method. The classification of internal mixer can be divided into 6 kinds: 1. According to the end face shape of the rotor, the internal mixer can be divided into oval, cylindrical and Mitsubishi Lines. According to the shape of the rotor produced by different results are different, one of the most ideal oval shape. Compared with the elliptical shape, the circular shape has less shear force than the elliptical shape, which can not make the material be mixed fully, and the dispersion effect is obviously better than the elliptical shape. Mitsubishi type of production process requirements are too high, only Germany can produce at present. But it's also ridiculously expensive. So the oval-row Rotor is currently the most ideal shape of the rotor. 2, according to the rotor teeth and whether can be divided into tangent and tooth and type, tangent type that is Oval Rotor, Oval in Rubber Mixing and Chamber Wall has a shear effect. The teeth and type are mainly for the Mitsubishi Type Rotor, which is the rotor fish rotor between the shear. 3, according to the rotor speed can be divided into slow speed, medium speed, high speed, slow speed of the rotor speed is generally less than or equal to 20 r / Min below the speed. Medium speed rotor speed is generally in 30 R / Min to 50 R / min between high speed said generally is above 60 R / Min Rotor speed. 4. According to the speed change of rotor, it can be divided into single speed internal mixer, double speed internal mixer and variable speed internal mixer. The so-called single-speed internal mixer is that the speed of the rotor has been adjusted in the field, can not be changed, the speed ratio between the two rotors is fixed. Two-speed internal mixer refers to the internal mixer equipped with two motors, so the cost is much higher than the internal mixer with one motor, and the energy consumption is also much higher. Variable speed mixer is equipped with two motors and the speed of the rotor driven by these two motors is adjustable, so the cost of the process will be greater than the first two. A mixer like this can buy at least 4-5 single speed mixers. So it's not worth it. 5, according to the mixing capacity of internal mixer can be divided into large capacity, medium capacity, small capacity, test special internal mixer. The size of large-capacity internal mixer is usually above 370L, and the medium-capacity internal mixer generally refers to 80L-270L internal mixer and the small-capacity internal mixer is 10L-50L internal mixer. The experimental internal mixer is usually under 10L, which is special for sample preparation. 6, according to the rotor speed ratio can be divided into synchronous rotor, asynchronous rotor. Synchronous Rotor refers to two rotor speed is the same, asynchronous means the speed between the two rotor is different, one fast and one slow. The whole structure of internal mixer and the function of each part: 1 Mixing Part: Mixing part mainly consists of rotor, mixing chamber, Sealing Device, etc. . The feeding part: The main right feeding chamber, the hopper feeding port and the feeding door of the flap door are composed of 11, which are mainly used for feeding and instant storage. 3 the pressing part: It mainly consists of the top bolt 9 and the cylinder 14 which pushes the top bolt to make up and down reciprocating movement. Its main function is to give the rubber a certain pressure, speed up the rubber mixing process and improve the rubber mixing effect. 4 unloading device part: mainly by the installation in the dense mixing chamber under the lower top Bolt 3 and the lower top bolt locking mechanism 2, its main role is in the rubber after the completion of discharge, that is, unloading. The lower top bolt can be cooled by cooling water, and the wear-resistant Alloy should be built-up on the shape surface where the lower top bolt comes into contact with materials to increase its wear resistance. 5 transmission part: The main motor 22, elastic coupling 21, reducer 20 and gear coupling 19 and other components. Installed in the transmission base, its role: Transmission Power, so that the rotor to overcome working resistance and rotation, thus completing the rubber mixing operation. 6 Base: mainly by the machine base and the composition, some are divided into the main machine base and transmission base. Its Role: for internal mixer use, on the installation of host and transmission system components. 7 heating and cooling system: mainly composed of pipes and distributors, in order to cooling water or steam pass through the closed mixing chamber, Rotor and Upper and lower top bolt cavity circulation flow, in order to control the temperature of rubber compound. The heating and cooling system of internal mixer imported from abroad is equipped with temperature control device and uses constant temperature water to heat and cool. Function: According to the process requirements, control the rubber compound temperature 8 hydraulic system: mainly by a double vane oil pump 15, rotating oil cylinder 17, reciprocating oil cylinder 16, pipeline and oil tank and so on. It is the power supply part of the discharging mechanism. Used for controlling the opening and closing of the lower top bolt and the locking mechanism of the lower top bolt. 9 PNEUMATIC SYSTEM: mainly consists of cylinder 14, Piston 13, charging door cylinder, valve, pipe and Compressed air. It is the power supply part of the feeding and pressing mechanism. Used to control the lifting of the top bolt, the pressure and the opening and closing of the flap door. 10 Electric Control System: mainly by the control box, the operation machine platform and each kind of electrical instrument composition, it is the entire machine platform operation center. The lubrication system is mainly composed of oil pump, oil separator and pipeline. The purpose of the lubrication system is to reduce the friction of the rotating parts such as rotating shaft, bearing, sealing ring of sealing device, etc. . To increase service life, inject lubricating oil into these friction surfaces. FUNCTION: inject lubricating oil into each rotating part, so as to reduce the friction between moving parts and prolong their service life. The above contents about internal mixer are welcome to be added.


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