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What are the good ways to mix rubber with open mill

2020-01-15 08:20:07

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Open mixer mixing is the earliest mixing method in rubber industry. Compared with mixing with internal mixer, the open mixer has higher labor intensity, higher production efficiency, less safety and environmental pollution, and the mixing uniformity is poor, so it has been gradually eliminated. But with open mixer mixing, Greater Flexibility, mixing rubber is suitable for production of small-scale, small batch and variety of plants. For the production of some special rubber compound such as sponge rubber, hard rubber and color rubber, it is especially suitable to use open mixer. Mixing Quality Influence analysis of rubber compound in rubber mixing equipment of Split Mixer the third stage of turnover mixing is turnover mixing. Because of the high viscosity of the rubber, the rubber material only flows in a circumferential direction along the rotating direction of the open mill roller, but there is no axial flow, and the rubber flowing along the circumferential direction is only laminar flow, as a result, about 1 / 3 of the thickness of the film at the front of the roller close to the surface of the plastic layer can not flow into a "dead layer" or "stagnant layer" , as shown in figure. In addition, the roll gap at the top of the accumulation of glue will form part of the wedge-shaped "reflux zone. ". All of the above causes the mixture in the compound to be unevenly dispersed. Because of the high viscosity of rubber, the fluidity of rubber on the surface of the roller is poor, and the shear force makes the rubber flow only laminar. Contact with the surface of the roller about 1 / 3 thick film with the inner layer of the mixture can not enter, forming a "dead layer. ". Open mixer mixing method, open mixer mixing operation, generally along the Da Ya round first add raw rubber, masterbatch or mixed rubber, and then according to the prescribed order to add a variety of mixture mixing. When mixing, there are two ways of adding medicine according to the content of raw rubber: If the content of raw rubber is high, the mixture is added in the middle of the roller, the mixer is opened and the method of adding medicine by extracting glue is adopted to keep the proper amount of glue between the two rollers; if the content of raw rubber is low, the mixture is added at one end by changing glue and adding medicine. Mixing of less dosage of the mixture and flying pollution of carbon black and so on'is usually in the form of gel or paste. Generally, one-stage mixing is used for mixing, but for natural rubber with a large amount of synthetic rubber and a large amount of carbon black, a two-stage mixing method can be used to mix the rubber and the compounding agent more evenly. When all the mixture is added, the compound should be refined to further mix. There are two mixing methods: Manual tapping and mechanical knife cutting. Manual tapping method generally used around the knife, folding and twisting, play triangle bag and cutter roll, etc. . The Mechanical Cutter Method is to install a mechanical cutter near the Front Roller, cutting along the surface of the roller to make the glue fall into the disk, and then into the roller, repeated several times. After refining, the width of the roll is 4 ~ 5mm, and the cutting-off method is used to supplement the refining for 2 ~ 3 times.


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