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Compare the advantages and disadvantages of internal mixer

2020-01-15 08:25:50

First, an internal mixer is a machine with a pair of rotors of a specific shape and relative rotation that periodically plasticates and mixes polymer materials in a closed state with an adjustable temperature and pressure, it is mainly composed of mixing chamber, Rotor, rotor sealing device, feeding and pressing device, unloading device, transmission device and machine base. The internal mixer has the following advantages: 1 mixing time is short, production efficiency is high, mixing quality is good, 2 loading capacity is large, mixing operation automation degree is high, labor intensity is small, operation is safe; The mixture has less flying loss, less pollution, and the working place is clean. The disadvantages of internal mixer are: 1 internal mixer is slow in heat dissipation, mixing temperature is difficult to control accurately, burning of temperature-sensitive rubber compound is easy to occur when mixing, and the cooling water consumption is large; 2 the shape of mixed rubber is irregular block, the mixing machine is not suitable for mixing light-colored compound, special compound, compound with frequent variety and compound sensitive to temperature. Above is the internal mixer advantages and disadvantages of the comparison! Learn more about the content of mixer welcome to call Yo!


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