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The parameters of the mill, the structure characteristics of the mill

2020-01-15 08:30:47


Abbreviation of open rubber mixing machine. A rubber-mixing machine used in a rubber factory to prepare plasticisers, compounds, or for hot-working and hot-forming. 6-inch Open Mixer / 6-inch open mixer is produced by baopin technology. 6-inch open mill with its high-precision distance adjustment device, industry-leading safety devices, won the majority of companies, colleges and universities of the laboratory of favor and praise, is already a number of well-known domestic college partners. The main working parts of the mill are two opposite inward rotating hollow rollers or drilling rollers. The front rollers on one side of the mill are called front rollers, which can be moved back and forth by manual or electric operation to adjust the roller spacing and meet the operation requirements The back roller is fixed and can not be moved back and forth. The two rollers are of the same size and rotate at different speed. The raw rubber or rubber material is rolled into the gap between the two rollers with the rotation of the roller and is strongly sheared for the purpose of plasticating or mixing. Open mill is also used in plastic processing and other departments. In the plastic products factory, people are also used to call it a two-roller machine. The open mixer is a kind of mixing plastic equipment which has been used earlier in the plastic products factory. On the production line of calender, the function of opening the mixer before calender and after the mixer is to mix and plasticate the well-mixed raw materials, and to provide the well-mixed melting materials for calender calendering plastic products. In the production of cable material, the open mixer can directly mold the powder mixed according to the formula into molten material, and then press and shape it into flake tape, so that the pelletizer is cut into pellets. In the production line of floor leather, it can directly provide the bottom coating with even mixing and plasticizing for the cloth base leather. It can also be used to recycle waste plastic film (pieces) in the open mill re-molded back. The core technology and main components come from Taiwan. The integral bottom plate is easy to install and the transmission mode is single shaft output to ensure large torque, imported bearings to reduce friction to ensure electricity and low noise and rubber thickness evenly parallel controllable. V-TI Alloy cold-hardened cast iron roller hardness (HRC)55-65, hard wear-resistant surface, durable. The inner cavity of the roller is machined to ensure the roller body temperature dropping quickly and evenly. The machine adopts manual adjustment of distance, precise adjustment of thickness, convenient operation, the machine is equipped with emergency brake, when there is an emergency, there is an emergency switch on the four corners, convenient for multi-position brake, convenient for the machine to stop quickly. The transmission device adopts hard tooth surface reducer, compact structure, high transmission efficiency and low noise. 6-inch open mill parameters: Drum temperature: room temperature ~ 250 °C heating mode: Electric Heating temperature precision: 3 °C temperature controller: Pid Control Drum speed ratio: 1:1.25 Drum hardness: 55-65hrc drum treatment: Mirror polishing drum size: 120mm L320mm Drum spacing: 0 ~ 5mm Adjustable Safety Device: Multi touch touch type Emergency Stop Power: 3.75 Kw Power: 3, aC380V, 20A


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