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Open mixer mixing process: Add Sulfur!

2020-01-15 08:40:42

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After weighing the amount of the mix and vulcanizer, the next step is to add the vulcanizer, it is recommended to follow the following steps. 1. Clean the mill first to make sure it is clean and free of impurities. Then open the mill roll spacing to a minimum, mixing rubber into the open mill for thin pass. After the thin pass, will open the mill roll spacing to enlarge properly, so that mixing rubber evenly wrapped on the roll. 2. The temperature of the compound is controlled at 60 ~ 80 °C by adjusting the roller pitch and cooling water. At this time, the vulcanizing agent is put into the compound. Note: A, to the vulcanizate evenly into the compound, and not concentrated in one place. B, the speed of delivery can not be too fast. The speed of release, vulcanizate easy to fall to the bottom, and not easy to disperse in the mix, which will affect the properties of the mix. C, to drop the vulcanizate under the drum and then into the mix to go. 3, wait to see curing agent and curing accelerator, began to cut, about two times. For better dispersion of the curing agent and accelerator into the mix, the morphology of the curing agent and the curing accelerator can be observed: If it is from a solid state into a sticky silk state, then mixed into the rubber, this mixing effect is good. 4. Take out the mixed rubber for thinning. When opening mill, the roller spacing should be minimized, and the Times of opening mill should be 4 ~ 5 times. The film must be produced in accordance with the thickness required for the molding of the product. It is important to note that the whole process is not too long to complete, otherwise it will reduce the Mooney viscosity and physical properties. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone on the open mixer mixing process: Sulfur has also been a certain understanding,


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