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How to use and develop the open mill

2020-01-15 09:05:58

Open mill is the abbreviation of open-type plasticiser, in the plastic products factory, people are also used to call it a two-roller machine. The open mixer is a kind of mixing plastic equipment which has been used earlier in the plastic products factory. On the production line of calender, the function of opening the mixer before calender and after the mixer is to mix and plasticate the well-mixed raw materials, and to provide the well-mixed melting materials for calender calendering plastic products. In the production of cable material, the open mixer can directly mold the powder mixed according to the formula into molten material, and then press and shape it into flake tape, so that the pelletizer is cut into pellets. In the production line of floor leather, it can directly provide the bottom coating with even mixing and plasticizing for the cloth base leather. It can also be used to recycle waste plastic film (pieces) in the open mill re-molded back. It is an important policy of our country to protect workers'safety and health in production. It is an important duty of enterprise management to protect state property and promote production development. Therefore, as far as the rubber enterprise is concerned, the safety of the open mill operation should be taken into account. 1. Make good preparation before driving must wear leather wrist guard, mixing operation to wear a mask, absolutely avoid waist rope, belt, rubber, etc. . Carefully check the big and small gear and roller between there is no debris. The first start of each shift, must pull the emergency brake, check whether the brake is sensitive and reliable empty brake, the front roller can not more than a quarter of a week, the normal operation of the emergency brake device is prohibited shut down. If two or more persons operate together, they must mutually apply, after confirming that there is no danger, before driving. The speed of temperature rising should be controlled, especially in the cold winter in the north, the outside of the roller is consistent with the room temperature, the high temperature steam is suddenly introduced into the roller, the temperature difference between inside and outside may be over 120 °c, the temperature difference causes the roller stress to reach 130.0 ~ I 50. OMPA, that's more than the Cast-iron U. 1140. OMPA. Such as the premature addition of rubber, in the horizontal pressure of the superposition, the roller is very easy to be destroyed. For the sake of safety, it is very difficult to carry out the regulation that the temperature rising speed should be controlled directly at I ~ 2'C / Min, and it should be emphasized to the operators. Before feeding the compound should also be checked, if mixed with hard metal debris, with the rubber into the mixing machine, resulting in a sudden increase in transverse pressure, easy to cause equipment damage. 2. The correct operation first must adjust the good roll spacing, maintains the roll spacing the balance. If the size of the two-end Roller Pitch Adjustment is not the same, resulting in off-load roller, easy to damage the equipment, which is strictly prohibited. It's customary to add from the power input side, which is actually unreasonable. From the point of view of bending moment diagram and torque diagram, the feeding should be at the gear end of speed ratio. Since the combined bending moment and Torque at the transmission end are greater than the gear end of the speed ratio, in the transmission end of the first addition of a large piece of hard rubber, of course, more easily damaged equipment. Of course, do not first large pieces of hard rubber material added in the Middle Section of the roller, where the synthetic bending moment is greater, up to 2820 tons cm. The amount of charge should be increased gradually, the weight of charge block should not exceed the specification of the equipment, the order of charge should be added from small to big. As shown in the picture, the sudden addition of large rubber into the roller pitch, will cause overload out, not only easy to make the safety gasket damage, but also, once the safety gasket failure, will endanger the roller.

BP-8175-AL PLC小像素.png

Operation should be first row (knife, after the hand with plastic, film did not cut off, not hard pull. Strictly prohibit one hand on the roller feeding, one hand under the roller feeding such as rubber pulsation, not easy to roll, do not use hand pressure rubber. Pushing material must be half-clenched fist, not more than the top level of the roller. The back of the hand must be opposite to the rotation direction of the roller when the temperature of the roller is measured by the model. The cutter must be placed in a safe place, when tapping must be in the lower half of the Roller Jane Feed, the cutter is not allowed to be in the direction of their own body. It is forbidden to use the knife when making the triangle bag, and the weight of the film can not exceed 25 kg when making the roll. During the operation of the roll, the hot roll is cooled suddenly, that is, when the temperature of the roll is too high, the cooling water is suddenly injected into the roll, and the roll is damaged under the combined action of the transverse pressure and the temperature difference stress. Therefore, the cooling should be carried out step by step, preferably empty car cooling. When found in the rubber compound or in the roller, there are sundries or baffle glue, bearing Bush and so on in the roller running, must stop processing. In the event of conveyor belt accumulation of glue or failure must also stop processing. In case of sudden stop, should be in order to cut off the power supply, shut off water, steam valve. Driving with load is strictly prohibited. Work finished, cut off the power supply, closed the water, steam valve. In addition to the above, also note: Do not rely on the equipment rotating parts and the material plate, stand and sit; not in the operation of the roller over the transfer of objects, to pull the vehicle to pay attention to the surrounding situation, to prevent collisions, collision, to prevent the loading of heavy rollover injury. The Development Direction of the mill? Open Mixer is one of the basic equipments in rubber industry, and it is also one of the three rubber-mixing equipments. It is the earliest and the most basic rubber machine with simple structure in rubber industry. As early as the 1820 appeared in the single roller trough driven rubber mixing machine. The twin roller rubber mixing machine has been used in rubber processing and production for more than 180 years in 1826. The design and manufacture of large-scale mill in China began in 1955. In the past 50 years, the level of design and manufacture of the mill has been greatly improved. In recent years, a new type of domestic structure of the open mill constantly emerged. Effectively promoted the development of the mill. So far, the domestic open mill has become a series, and completed part of the specifications of the design, and has been exported abroad. With the continuous development of the rubber industry, the open mill in the gradual improvement and continuous renewal. Due to the application and development of extrusion press, internal mixer and continuous mixer in automatic flow mixing line, the application range of opening mixer has been significantly reduced, but it is still widely used in medium and small-sized factories, especially in the production of reclaimed rubber, small batch of special rubber and rubber compound. Foreign personage thinks, internal mixer does not replace open mixer, internal mixer is only to produce nearly finished rubber, and after processing, it is best to continue with open mixer to complete. Foreign open mill series in recent years have not much change, the structure has tended to finalize, but in the parts and components continue to innovate. Its development trend is to improve the level of mechanization and automation, improve working conditions, improve production efficiency, reduce machine floor area, improve accessories and extend service life. The development direction of open mill in the future: 1 control, automation operation, improvement of working conditions, 2 adjustment of working distance, 3 bearings, 4 safety devices (all-direction brake) , 5 transmission, 6 rollers with double outlet shafts and casting method.


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