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To introduce you to the mills roller and roller bearings

2020-01-15 09:00:41

The roller is the most important working part of the mill. It is directly involved in the completion of the rubber mixing operation part of the open mill performance is also the most, the biggest. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the design, manufacture and use of the roller. 1. The basic requirements of the material and technical requirements for the open mill roller are: to have enough mechanical strength and rigidity to ensure that the roller can not be damaged in normal use; The working surface of the roller should have high hardness, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and anti-peeling property, so as to avoid being damaged by the rubber cutter and corroded by some additives, as far as possible to eliminate local stress concentration, with good thermal conductivity, in order to facilitate the heating and cooling of rubber.


The roller is usually made of chilled cast iron. It is characterized by a hard surface layer, good internal toughness, high strength, wear and corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, easy to manufacture, low cost. The rolls of the small size open mill are also made of medium carbon alloy steel. 2. Structure and the size of the various parts due to the use of open mill, the surface shape of the roller is not the same. The roller used for plasticating, mixing, heating and pressing are all smooth, and the roller used for breaking, washing and crushing are usually of special groove shape with groove, and the roller used for refining is of smooth belt waist drum. The roller structure is of two kinds, one is hollow structure, the other is circular drilling structure. (2) roller bearing open mill roller bearing bear a large load (such as 650 * 2100mm open mill, the largest load up to 1960KN) , and low sliding speed, higher temperature. Therefore, the requirement of wear-resistant bearings, bearing capacity, long service life, easy to manufacture and installation. Roller bearing mainly adopts sliding bearing and rolling bearing. 1. Sliding bearing this is currently open mill roller bearing widely used in a type. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture and low cost. The lubricant of sliding bearing is dry butter or thin engine oil. Plain bearings are made of cast iron or steel with a tensile strength of not less than 200 MPA, usually HT200 cast iron, and bushings are made of metal (bronze) or non-metal (MC nylon) . The disadvantage of Nylon bushing is poor thermal conductivity, thermal expansion. 2. In recent years, double row roller bearings have been used in large open mills. The utility model is characterized in that the service life is long, the friction loss is small, the energy conservation is convenient, the installation is convenient, the maintenance is easy, the lubricating oil consumption can reduce 75% compared with the common sliding bearing. But the cost is high, the matching is difficult, the use is less.


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