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Future Development Direction of open mixer -- Dongguan Baopin Open Mixer 3l internal mixer

2020-01-15 09:10:51

Open Mixer is one of the basic equipments in rubber industry, and it is also one of the three rubber-mixing equipments. It is the earliest and the most basic rubber machine with simple structure in rubber industry. As early as the 1820 appeared in the single roller trough driven rubber mixing machine. The twin roller rubber mixing machine has been used in rubber processing and production for more than 180 years in 1826. The design and manufacture of large-scale mill in China began in 1955. In the past 50 years, the level of design and manufacture of the mill has been greatly improved. In recent years, a new type of domestic structure of the open mill constantly emerged. Effectively promoted the development of the mill. So far, the domestic open mill has become a series, and completed part of the specifications of the design, and has been exported abroad. With the continuous development of the rubber industry, the open mill in the gradual improvement and continuous renewal. Due to the application and development of extrusion press, internal mixer and continuous mixer in automatic flow mixing line, the application range of opening mixer has been significantly reduced, especially in the production of reclaimed rubber, small batch of special rubber and rubber compound, the application is still more common. Foreign personage thinks, internal mixer does not replace open mixer, internal mixer is only to produce nearly complete plastic, and later processing, or open mixer to continue to complete. Foreign Open Mill series have not much change, the structure has tended to finalize, but in parts and components continue to innovate. Its development trend is to improve the level of mechanization and automation, improve working conditions, improve production efficiency, reduce machine floor area, improve accessories and extend service life.



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