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Operation Regulation of flat plate Vulcanizer, matters needing attention, how to maintain the procedure

2020-01-15 09:20:32

(1)平板硫化机PLC程控型 电热水冷BP-8170-D.png

The working mode of the flat plate vulcanizer is: The raw material is placed in the casting mould, clamped between the electric heating plates, pressure and temperature are applied to shape the raw material for testing. As a basis for R & D or production.


  1. Before starting work, the operator must wear the labor protection articles. Check the equipment, electrical appliances, control system should be intact, sensitive and reliable, no foreign body inside the machine, before starting. Three, center the mold into the plate, send the mold to wear gloves to prevent scalding. Four, the operation of the handle in a closed position, start the oil pump, close the plate. First Open the steam bottom valve, then open the steam main valve, let the steam flow through the plate curing press for about 6 minutes to drain the condensed water in the curing press. 6, regulating the steam valve and the bottom valve, mold preheating start, preheating time can not be less than 20 minutes. 7. When the steam pressure is between 0.36 MP and 0.37 MP, the temperature reaches 140 °c 0.5 °C. When the template is opened, a sufficient quantity of 35g ~ 36g with 2.1 mm ~ 2.5 mm thickness is put into the mold cavity, then the template is quickly closed and placed in the center of the plate. Eight, adjust the curing time on the flat plate curing press 30 minutes or 20 minutes, and then pressure closed flat, curing start. After the curing time, unload the pump station, take the sample out of the mold immediately, and place it in the specified place for cooling. When taking the sample in the mould, pay attention to the protection of the mould cavity and the smooth surface of the mould surface to prevent scratch. When the operation is finished, turn off the power and steam, remove the pressure, close the oil valve and clean the machine.

   Points to note for Flat Panel Curing Press:

  1. Do not use the flat plate curing press beyond the specified temperature.

  2. The equipment has the breakdown, must cut off the power source to deal with again.

  3.  When closing the mold, the hand should leave the vulcanized mold, forbid the edge to close the mold while operating.

  4. Take gloves when delivering the mold to prevent scalding.

   Maintenance procedure

    Keep the machine clean at any time, wipe the dust off the machine with cotton cloth after each use. Regularly Spray anti-rust oil on the chrome-plated surface of the machine. Oil and lubricate the transmission parts of the machine regularly. Check the button of the electronic control panel regularly.


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